Your patients deserve the best diagnostic imaging services available. With that goal, Pet Animal Ultrasound Service (PAUS) offers veterinarians and animal hospitals the convenience of on- site diagnostic ultrasound services.  Operated by Registered Diagnostic Sonographer, Pamela Harrigan, PAUS specializes in small animal diagnostic ultrasound for cardiac and abdominal indications.

Using advanced ultrasound technology, state-of– the-art telemedicine connectivity and a network of board certified specialists, Pet Animal Ultrasound Service is able to provide you and your clients with the highest level skill, knowledge and confidence.

In order to provide a superior product, PAUS utilizes current, fully-equipped machines for all examinations to ensure the highest quality. The ultrasound images, pertinent laboratory results and history, ECG, etc. are transmitted to a board certified radiologist, internist or cardiologist for interpretation. The finalized reports and treatment recommendations are available within 24 hours or promptly, if STAT. Reports are emailed, faxed, or mailed to your practice based on your preference.

This very successful model has been used in human hospitals for decades; using this process in veterinary medicine allows for the same convenient, high-quality service. Pam combines her extensive ultrasound experience and knowledge with her love and respect for animals to help in their care and management.

All ultrasound examinations are interpreted by board-certified veterinary cardiologists, radiologists and internists.  There is a network of board-certified veterinary ultrasound specialists on the team, many of whom have had or currently have academic positions at prestigious institutions. Many have contributed to the veterinary ultrasound literature. They become direct consultants in the management of your animal patients. Along with the diagnoses, all ultrasound reports include treatment, diagnostic, and follow-up recommendations. The interpreting doctors are also available for email and phone consultations with you, the referring veterinarian.

Please contact us to see how we can help you provide ultrasound services at your hospital. Your pet owner clients will be pleased with the convenience of testing at your clinic, rather than being referred elsewhere, and you will directly benefit from being the provider of the ultrasound consultations.

We will be happy to visit your hospital to discuss the convenient scheduling, current pricing and to provide references. We look forward to serving you!