PAUS also provides one-on-one training for those who would like to perform the ultrasound examinations at their hospital. Pam can work with you at your hospital to help to develop your own ultrasound practice. She has been teaching ultrasound since the field emerged; training and education in ultrasound has been a primary focus of her work.

If you have purchased an ultrasound machine, but are in need of supervised hands-on training, of help in establishing examination protocols, or of assistance in setting up telemedicine for study interpretation, Pam will come to your facility, stay for one or multiple days, and work with you on your machine, with your staff, and with as many animals as you would like to study. This has advantages to going to a training seminar away from your clinic, using different equipment, and having limited hands-on time. Developing good scanning skills is a very time-intensive process, and having an educational resource in your facility can be invaluable.

Abdominal ultrasound and/or echocardiograms can be focused on. In addition to learning the scanning techniques, reviewing case studies in order to develop an understanding of the findings in an examination can be an extremely important exercise.

Based on reviewing the images in studies with specific abnormalities, the student can learn how to tailor the examinations and allow for a more complete and accurate interpretation.

Please ask for details on this service.